Armed Living: Concealed Carry in an Uncertain World DVD

Armed Living: Concealed Carry in an Uncertain World DVD

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Being an Armed Citizen requires more than a holster and a gun!

Carrying a firearm on a daily basis can seem a daunting challenge at first glance.

During the Armed Living: Concealed Carry in an Uncertain World DVD,

Paul Markel addresses the fact that concealed carry is about more than hardware choices and marksmanship. Justifiable Use of Force and how to deal with the aftermath of a shooting are reviewed in detail.

Students learn the “How, When and What Now” of self-defense and fighting with a handgun while living in an uncertain world. This DVD is merely a supplement to your overall training. We strongly encourage all gun owners to seek out professional training.

As a bonus feature, Paul reviews the “2010 Florida School Board Shooting” and discusses in detail what actually happens during a deadly force encounter. There are many lessons to be learned from that incident.

DVD Topics Include:
- Gear Selection
- Gun Handling Tips
- Live-Fire Demonstrations
- Understanding Justifiable Use of Force
- Less than Lethal Force Options
- Deadly Force Explanation
- Post Shooting Considerations
- and Much More!

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