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Operation Diomedes: The Operator Book 3

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Operation Diomedes: The Operator Book 3
Operation Diomedes: The Operator Book 3

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Operation Diomedes, Book 3 in The Operator Series, will find Thomas Thrasher once more working overseas, this time in the Caribbean and South America.
New characters will be introduced and old friends will be reunited. This is an adventure, not to be missed.

A man from Thomas Thrasher’s past resurfaces unexpectedly with a job offer. Thrasher once more finds himself working with a team of pipe hitters, this time directly for the Agency.

A massive amount of weapons and ammunition have been smuggled out of the Iraqi war zone. These weapons will be put up for auction to the highest paying anti-American terror groups.

Thrasher, the United States Marine turned contractor will have to work with his new teammates to locate the stolen US military hardware and neutralize the lot before it falls into the wrong hands.

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