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Always Armed Kit

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Always Armed Kit

For all of you who are insulted by the use of Security Theater, we have come up with an inexpensive and simple way to be “Always Armed”. We partnered with our good friend, Jeff Kirkham, a Special Forces soldier with decades of combat experience to offer you these effective and uncomplicated tools.

The EDC Knuckle Carrier: This little guy is the ultimate EDC Tool from Readyman. Made from glass-filled nylon, this tool will crush some skulls AND work as a grocery bag carrier.

The ReadyMan CIA Letter Opener: A lightweight, sharp, and versatile blade that we specially designed using Glass-Filled Nylon. What makes this blade so great? Three reasons...

  • It's made of extremely durable, hardy Glass-Filled Nylon
  • It's capable of being sharpened to a fine edge
  • It weighs less than 1 ounce
    Use it to open letters, packages, and boxes... are there other uses for such a blade?

In this kit, you receive 1 CIA Letter Opener & 1 EDC Knuckle Carrier.

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