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Patriot Fire Team Mission Planner

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Patriot Fire Team Mission Planner

This Mission Planner is the third Patriot Fire Team themed book. Well, it is the fourth, if you count the original black book that was folded into the PFT Manual and is out of print now. The natural question for you to be asking is; “Why another book, didn’t you say it all in the previous ones?” 

As you should know, the PFT Manual was written to establish and explain the concept and the purpose behind developing a Patriot Fire Team. In the manual we discuss how to get the family involved, we talk about training, communication, and organization. 

I assembled the PFT Equipment Guide to answer numerous questions that many of you had about hardware specifics. The Equipment Guide focuses on firearms; both primary and secondary as well as ammunition and accessory recommendations. In the EG, we consider specialties, such as the designated marksman and the corpsman or team medic. 

We at Student of the Gun, have been hosting PFT Leadership seminars, live events where people come together, train and practice working as a team. There is a definite difference between four friends who happen to own guns and a team of four. Sharing mutual interests does not make you a team. Working and training together is how teams are built. 

During the PFT Leadership event, we dedicate time to consider mission planning. A fair portion of the training program is used to consider realistic scenarios of which a team might have to deal during a crisis or emergency.

The Mission Planner Topics Include:

  1. Talents: Everyone has Something to Offer

  2. Patrol Tactics

  3. Intelligence Gathering

  4. War on the Hogs: Ambuscades

  5. Mission Planning: Five Paragraph Order 

  6. Night Operations

  7. Threat Assessment

  8. Professional Leadership

I knew that this topic was extremely important given the situation in which we find ourselves. The subject being critical, I put my nose to the grindstone and wrote tirelessly for four weeks to get it finished. I hope that you are as excited to read this book as I was to write it.

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