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Dad Rules: Wit and Wisdom from a Dad to Whom It May Concern

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Dad Rules: Wit and Wisdom from a Dad to Whom It May Concern

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“Dad Rules” is NOT a new age, touchy-feely, everyone gets a damn trophy book. There are no participation trophies in life. The sooner kids grasp that concept the better.

Following up on the success of his parenting book, ‘Team Honey Badger; Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World’, Amazon best-selling author Paul G. Markel takes a lighter look at the role of the dad.

“Dad Rules; Wit and Wisdom from a Dad to Whom it May Concern” is a collection of short tales, witticism, and heartfelt advice. Sprinkled throughout you will find short tales from the life of the author and his beloved bride.

"Nancy, my beloved bride, collaborated with me on the work and gave it her blessing" said Professor Paul.

The material offered herein is based upon three decades of “dad” experience. While some “Dad Rules” are based upon observation, the vast majority are based upon the real-life experience of the author, me, the dad.

If it seems too ridiculous to be true, it is not. Dads will understand.

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