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Fighting Solves Everything Book

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Fighting Solves Everything Book
Fighting Solves Everything Book

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“We are going to fight.” That is what everyone says when a loved one gets sick. However, saying "Fight" and knowing how to fight is not the same.

That is the goal of Fighting Solves Everything; Destroying Cancer with Faith, Nutrition, and Science, to provide the how and what to go with the desire to fight.

In the pages of the Fighting Solves Everything book you will find chapters on...

  • Keto Diet: It's not as difficult as you may imagine.
  • Barbell Training: Your body needs to be strong to fight.
  • Avoiding the Victim Mentality: Minimize the pity party, if you are going to be alive, live
  • Scientific Studies and Research: Not every Cancer Center is using this information
  • … and Much More!

Everyone says FIGHT,  no one ever tells you how to fight. Saying you are going to fight and understanding how to fight are not the same things.

We cannot just say words and expect results. This book is not just about the concept of fighting, it details how Paul went about fighting against the enemy of cancer.

Everyone’s struggle is unique, nonetheless, it is our sincere hope that the methods Paul employed to fight will aid you in whatever struggles you encounter, cancer or otherwise.

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All books are Paperbacks and come Autographed by Paul Markel himself (can be personalized upon request).

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