Legion of Michael: Defending the Flock

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Legion of Michael: Defending the Flock
Legion of Michael: Defending the Flock

“Carry a gun to church.” sounds like reasonable advice when the topic of church security is raised. Nonetheless, there is far more to providing professional security than carrying a firearm.

Paul G. Markel is a Certified Protection Specialist and professional bodyguard. Paul wrote this manual to address the numerous other aspects of security in addition to having a firearm available.

Within the pages of this text, we will cover numerous topics, to include:

  • How to Choose a Team
  • Training for Church Security
  • Justifiable Use of Force
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Communication
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communing with the Flock
  • Why the Archangel Michael?
  • Leadership
  • And much more

“Legion of Michael: Defending the Flock” is a comprehensive manual for developing and implementing a team of volunteers to provide security for houses of worship. While this is a topic we all wish we did not have to consider, ignoring the threat will not make it go away.

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