The Martial Application of the Shotgun

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The Martial Application of the Shotgun

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The 12 gauge shotgun is and has been a powerful fighting tool for centuries. The shotgun is also extremely versatile. This versatility has led to mythology and misunderstanding about how to employ the shotgun in a martial or fighting fashion.

Within these pages you will find chapters that address:

  • Why the 12 Gauge?
  • Choosing the Right Action
  • Training to Run the Machine
  • Martial Tactics
  • Ammunition and Accessories
  • Sporting Guns and the Shockwave
  • And Much More

During the text, Paul Markel will dispel numerous myths and misunderstandings and focus on the practical and efficient application of the shotgun for personal combat.

This is Book 2 of the Martial Application of Firearms series.

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