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Black Rifle Bootcamp | Armed Response Video Training

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Black Rifle Bootcamp | Armed Response Video Training

Black Rifle Boot Camp explores the configurations, accessories and options available on America’s favorite rifle, the AR15.

One of the most versatile and adaptable rifle platforms ever made, discover how the AR can be customized for use in defense, sports and hunting.

Learn the proper method to operate the controls, how to run the gun, various shooting positions, marksmanship and maintenance. If you are new to the AR15, this digital video download is a must!

This Online Video Training Covers...

  • Component Parts

  • Best Methods of Operating the Controls

  • Loading, Unloading and Reloading

  • Proper Marksmanship for Accurate Shooting

  • Clearing Stoppages

  • Disassembly and Function Checking

  • Much, Much More!

[ Video Duration: 1 Hour & 11 Minutes ]

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