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Pimphand Coffee [Arabica Blend]

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Pimphand Coffee [Arabica Blend]
Pimphand Coffee [Arabica Blend]
Pimphand Coffee [Arabica Blend]
Pimphand Coffee [Arabica Blend]
Pimphand Coffee [Arabica Blend]

A 10oz bag of specialty, "artisan" Arabica Blend coffee, that will give you a bold SLAP in the morning! This is the best way for any strong-minded individual to start their day, and get ready to take on a world of ignorance and stupidity.

It is a Medium Roast, not too bold, but not weak. And no, it is not decaf. If you want decaf, go drink a Caffeine Free Coke-Zero. 

Need a Cup to go with this Coffee?

We sent samples around to our close comrades to get their opinions on this blend, and here's what they had to say...

Matt DiRito

First impressions:
Smell- Glorious. Bright tones, very aromatic and cleansing.
Sight- Nice and even medium looking roast. Beans appear to be fresh and oily, not dried out.
Not as oily as an espresso blend, but what appears to be just the right amount!

Was able to achieve a thick and foamy head. Solid pull from the grounds. Great aroma.

Got a lot of “nutty” type flavors. Nice medium to full bodied flavor. A little bitterness which enjoy, but not as much as an espresso bean. Made for a very smooth and enjoyable drink.

Over the course of drinking a few cups over the course of a couple days, I’ve determined that it is a blend that I could easily sip on all day long. A comforting and easy to drink blend that doesn’t push the envelope of being too abrasive. Enough caffeine to get you started for the day but not so much as to give you heart palpitations. It’s a blend that could appeal to many types of coffee drinkers, whether you like a calm cup of coffee or a punch in the face.

Note: I drank this blend ‘black’ and unmolested my creams or sugar and it stands on its own without using anything like that as a crutch. Would highly recommend.


Matt Reynolds

Excellent crema. Good fermentation. I’d like to know the process on that bean (natural/ honey/washed/ etc)... and a darkness roast rating. My guess was that was about a 5 out of 10 on the roast ... maybe even a 4, which I like... I’m a fan of the lighter roasts.

I also think it was prob(ably) a honey wash process. Anyway... the more details you can give coffee snobs like me; origin, process, roast date, roast level...the better. It was really good coffee.


Scott Hambrick

This sample is pretty bland. Flat. No bad notes, just not flavorful, even for a light roast.

Much tastier cold. The toasty and nutty notes and such come out when it is 90 degrees or so.

Increased the amount of coffee used. Its growing on me.


Kevin Hammond

At first blush, the beans didn’t seem over roasted, we’re not oily and ground well with. Aroma was good.

Coffee has been well received. We’ve been trying for a year to dial in grind and grams with this Ninja coffee maker.

Only recently do we believe we have it right.

The SOTG coffee is the only coffee in the past few months where Abby on her own said this is really good. What is it?

So, it hit the mark. This seemed to be a medium roast (we trend towards dark). Aroma from grinding was great. And brew flavor is on point. Would buy. But need to buy in Costco sized bags.

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