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Star Treatments Donation

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Star Treatments Donation

The Student of the Gun family has decided to official help out of friend Matt DiRito (of Pop Evil fame) with his awesome charity, Star Treatments!

What is Star Treatments? Well in short form, it is a cool service provided by Matt & his associates to help children with cancer with transportation to and from their medical treatments.

They get to hang out with rock stars on a luxury tour bus, to make the experience less scary and also relieve some stress off the shoulders of the parents. Of course, this service is provided Totally Free of Charge to the family involved.

That's where YOU come in. Unfortunately, things do still cost money, so Star Treatments needs your help and donations to keep this great service up and running. Anything at all helps!

By the way, any donation of $100 & Up will receive a Free copy of Cigar Etiquette for Barbarians, signed by both Prof. Paul Matt DiRito themselves.

For the full backstory of what Star Treatments is all about, Click Here.

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