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Beyond the Boo Boo 101

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Beyond the Boo Boo 101

This is a truncated version of our full, 16-hour Beyond the Boo Boo 201 course

Location Warriors Warehouse 1095 W 500 S, Vernal, UT 84078
Saturday, March 11, 2023
Class Schedule

10am - 2pm

Class specific information will be sent to you
via email after you sign up.

 You will learn:

  • The 3 injuries that will kill you before the ambulance arrives.
  • Tourniquet Application and Myth Busting
  • Pressure Dressing Application
  • Professor Paul's Lagniappes

This is a single-day, 4-hour course. The minimum age for participation is 13 years old.

Watch these videos for more information:

The story below is an account of a situation
Professor Paul was involved in:

“She must have tried to take the curve too fast.” the husband told the state trooper in the post-crash investigation.

A couple in their early twenties took their new motorcycles out for a ride on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Calamity struck when the young wife entered a curve on the country highway too quickly. She laid the bike down and slid into the steel guardrail. The impact with the I-beam partially severed her right leg. By the time her husband turned his bike around and got to her, she was bleeding heavily. He tried to put direct pressure on the wound with his hands and call 911 at the same time.

Tragically, the man had neither the First Aid training or gear he needed to save his wife’s life. The tear in her femoral artery caused her to bleed to death before the ambulance could arrive. 

I know of this story because it occurred in the city where I worked as a police officer. I spoke to the EMTs who arrived on scene and they agreed that she would have lived had someone at the scene understood how to stop a major bleeding injury.

You don’t have to be a Paramedic or EMT to save the life of a friend or loved one. The actions you take between the time 911 is called and the time the ambulance arrives can, indeed, be the difference between life and death.

We all realize that a firearm can be used to save our life against violent attackers, but what do you do when the fight is over and a good guy is bleeding? Good guys bleed too. Do you have the skills to stopgap a life-threatening wound while waiting for the professionals to arrive?

Successful graduates will leave with the ability to not only recognize life-threatening injuries, but stopgap those injuries and stabilize the victim until the pros arrive.

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