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Pocket Life Saver - L.M.I.T. Kit

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Pocket Life Saver - L.M.I.T. Kit
Pocket Life Saver - L.M.I.T. Kit
Pocket Life Saver - L.M.I.T. Kit

While a full-sized PLS is obviously the best thing to have on you at all times, sometimes you don't need a Tourniquet and a Nose Hose! Sometimes, you just need to patch up a cut, and you may not wanna tear open your big, fancy PLS just because Billy caught his hand on the tip of a nail that was sticking out of the fence.

L.M.I.T. stands for "Laceration & Minor Injury Treatment". So for when you've got a boo-boo that's too big for a bandaid, but too small for a tourniquet and a giant roll of gauze.

Plus, little-to-no training required* to implement the contents of this kit! With only 3 ingredients, this kit is perfect for use every single day, in any environment. Because bleeding can happen anywhere, and you gotta be prepared.

Limit Blood Loss, Limit Pain, and Limit Spending with the L.M.I.T. Kit!

Since the LMIT Kit is like the Sidekick for the Full-Sized PLS line, use code SIDEKICK at check-out to get 30% OFF this kit, when you order an Original, Enhanced, or COMBAT Life Saver Kit!

Good Guys Bleed Too!
During a life-threatening medical emergency, you will want to do something to help. Will you have the Ability and the Gear to effectively aid the injured person?  Keep in mind, the injured person could be someone you love.

Buying gear doesn’t give you skill, if you have the skill you can make use of the gear. Gear is only part of the equation, you need to get training as well.

Once again, use the following code at check-out for 30% off a LMIT kit when you also order any other Life Saver kit! (Only applies to 1x LMIT Kit per order)

All Life Saver kits now come with the Galactically Certified EMP Card!


  • Dimensions: 6x5x2"
  • Weight: 2oz


  • 1x Cohesive Flexible Bandage
  • 1x Roll of 3" Gauze
  • 1x Pair of Gloves
  • Plastic packaging can be combined with tape and used as an emergency chest seal

Remember SCAB:

  • S = Scene (Check Your Scene to make sure it is safe) 
  • C = Circulation (Check for major blood loss) 
  • A = Airway (Check to make sure they have a clear airway) 
  • B = Breathing (Check to make sure they have no holes that need sealed)

    Contents are shipped in a sealed, heat-sealed plastic pouch. The packaging reduces the size and bulk of the kit making it easier to carry and resistant to the elements.
    The vacuum seal is not guaranteed.

    *Training is always recommended

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