Pocket Life Saver - Full Size Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit

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The Pocket Life Saver - Full Size Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit is now available to fill your needs!

The Trauma/Survival kit contains the material you need to stop gap a life-threatening injury.


The gear included will give you what you need to survive until help can arrive.

In the Pocket Life Saver - Full Size Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit you will find the same type of gear that is in our Pocket Life Saver - Enhanced Edition


Modern, essential survival items.

Contents Included in this kit:

Survival Gear:


 Use For

1- Mylar “space” blanket
Hypothermia / Signaling
1- Orange Razor knife

 Cutting/Fire Starting

1- Fire Stick

 Creates sparks for Fire

1- Mini-Compass


1- 5 ft Orange Paracord

 Gear Repairs, Shelter, etc.

1- SWAT Fuel 9mm+P packet (2 caps)

 Mental/Physical Energy for Crisis

4- Iodine Water Purifications Tabs (Directions Included)


Trauma Care:


Use For

1- Red Rapid Action Tourniquet System (R.A.T.S.) Major Bleeding
1- Package of Medical Gauze
Wound Care
2- 18D Combat Blood Soakers Minor Bleeding / Fire Tinder
1- NPA (nasopharyngeal airway)
Open Airway for Unconscious Patient

1- 3ft Mini-Roll of Duct Tape

Wound Care / Chest Seal

1- 14g Decompression Needle
Tension Pneumothorax (TPX)

1- Pair Nitrile protective gloves (XL)

Caregiver Protection

*Plastic packaging combined with tape can be used to seal chest cavity

**Use package/bag as water reservoir

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