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"Vagina Enthusiast" Patch

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"Vagina Enthusiast" Patch

"Being a Gun Enthusiast doesn't make you a Teacher. Hell, I'm a Vagina Enthusiast and I don't call myself a Gynecologist."
~Paul Markel

That is the quote from SOTG Radio that inspired this patch right here. Professor Paul was laying a the verbal smack-down on a poser who believed that being a Gun Enthusiast qualified him as a "Firearms Expert".

After the fact we thought, "Ha, 'Vagina Enthusiast', that's pretty funny. We should make a shirt or something out of that." So here we, the Official SOTG "Vagina Enthusiast" Patch.

Tell the world what you're all about, without even having to open your mouth!

Size: 3"(W)x2"(H)

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