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5 Handguns Every Instructor Should Master: Volume 1 - Glock

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5 Handguns Every Instructor Should Master: Volume 1 - Glock

VIDEO TIME: One Hour, Twenty Minutes


This course, GLOCK/Striker-Fired Pistols is Volume 1 of a 5-part Series.

Every gun guy and girl has their favorite gun. Regardless of your personal leanings, if you have taken the steps toward becoming a firearms instructor, it is time to set your bias aside. Not every student is going to be using your favorite pistol. A professional instructor needs to have well-rounded background and depth of knowledge.

During the online training series; 5 Handguns Every Instructor Should Master, we will examine five different styles of firearms that represent a broad cross-section of duty and concealed carry handguns that you are most likely to encounter.

Volume 1: GLOCK Striker-Fired Pistols focuses on the origin, mechanical specifics, and operation of the polymer-framed, striker-fired handgun.

Topics that your instructor will cover during this course:

  1. History of the Striker-Fired Pistol
  2. Disassembly and Basic Maintenance
  3. Sight Removal and Installation
  4. Installation of Red Dot Optics
  5. Utilizing Standard Sights and Red Dot Optics
  6. Pistol Operation: Two-Handed, Strong Hand Only, Support Hand Only
  7. Clearing the 3 Most Common Types of Stoppages
  8. Bonus Material

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