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Pipe Hitters Guide to Access Denial: You Shall Not Pass (Book 3)

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Pipe Hitters Guide to Access Denial: You Shall Not Pass (Book 3)

Waiting for the fight to arrive at your front door or in your living room is the worst possible home defense solution. When faced with civil disorder and societal breakdown, the best course of action is to keep the fight as far from your home and your loved ones as possible.

The question is; how do we deny criminals, looters, and mobs access to not only our houses, but our neighborhoods and communities?

Nicholas Orr follows up the first two Pipe Hitter guides with a practical manual to help people secure their homes and communities against the lawlessness that can materialize in an instant, particularly in urban areas. Mr. Orr taps two of his friends; Jeff Kirkham and Paul Markel to assist him in this undertaking.

Topics Include: Fortifying your Neighborhood and Community, understanding Fire Bases, creating a Home Fortress, Security Tactics, preparing to deal Famine, Hunger, Desperation, and Psychosis as well as much more.

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