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Survivor Sling

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Survivor Sling
Survivor Sling

The READYMAN Survivor Sling A.K.A the Shepard's Sling is one of the single most fun things you can get ahold of!  It is a projectile (the original "bullet") hurling tool that is thousands of years old and still effective as ever.

More Info about Sling Bullets

A skilled sling user can throw a projectile well over a thousand feet and easily kill small to medium size game with a well-aimed shot.  The truth is, this thing is just too dang fun to NOT carry because it takes up almost no space and is very light. 

The READYMEN cadre regularly carry these out in the field to play with and hone their skills.  For the majority of users it's a fun hobby that allows throwing all sorts of projectiles a very long distances.

If you have a dog, it is the single best ball thrower on the market, the other chuckers' can't even come close to the distance you can zing balls. 

For a select few who spend the many hours required to master it, they can hunt small game for calories or scare off a would be attacker by hurling baseball size projectiles at around 150 feet per second (that's just over 100 mph)!
The READYMAN Survivor Sling.


  • Made in U.S.A
  • Made with 6 feet of 550 paracord and ballistic nylon webbing

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