Always Be Armed

There is genuine security and then there is “Security Theater”. The minimum wage “security” people asking ladies to open their purses, men to take off their belts, then directing you to a walk-through magnetometer is nowhere close to being genuine security. After you have your 4th Amendment Rights trampled, do they assign a bodyguard to keep you safe? No, you pushed into a cattle-pen of people where anything can happen.

For all of you who are insulted by the use of Security Theater, we have come up with an inexpensive and simple way to be “Always Armed”. We partnered with our good friend, Jeff Kirkham, a Special Forces soldier with decades of combat experience to offer you these effective and uncomplicated tools.


Our self-defense mantra is to never leave your home without the Fundamental Four; something lethal, sharp, bright, and medical. Occasionally we are presented with a challenge by those who try to create non-permissive environments and attempt to force us to play along with their Security Theater game.

The choice is up to you. You can either give in to their pressure and go along with the pretend security that does nothing but leave the innocent disarmed OR you can make the purposeful decision to be Always Armed. This simple and effective Always Armed Kit can be part of your solution to the annoyance of Security Theater.

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