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BarrelBuddy: Firearm Cleaning Accessory

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BarrelBuddy: Firearm Cleaning Accessory
BarrelBuddy: Firearm Cleaning Accessory
BarrelBuddy: Firearm Cleaning Accessory

Clean Your Gun Without The Grunge!

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Ever since the advent of the firearm, there have been two things that all gun owners agree on; no one likes a dirty gun and no one likes patches! For too long we have been embracing the outdated practice of putting a square peg in a round hole. Using a 2D square patch into a 3D cylinder.

It's time for that old practice to end! BarrelBuddy is the new tradition in Gun Cleaning for firearm owners. It is a multi-stage polymer gun barrel cleaner that scrubs, collects particulate, absorbs residue, and buffs clean all in 1 Step!

Unlike other gun cleaning products, BarrelBuddy is disposable, meaning you will no longer be reapplying previously collected residues, and since the polymers are white you can clearly see the cleaning result!

How could BarrelBuddy be even more effective? With Froglube of course!

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