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Black Autumn: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga [Book 1]

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Black Autumn: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga [Book 1]
A Special Forces commando returns home from combat to America on the edge of apocalypse. He and his family land a gig running security for a wealthy clan of survivors, yet most of the group struggles to make peace with the sudden death of modern sensibilities and woke culture. 

Can a few salty warfighters convince plastic surgeons, realtors and human resource managers that they must pick up their guns and fight or their families will die?

Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, and his buddies think they're locked and loaded for yet another war, but nothing can prepare them for the runaway violence of America after a cascade of terrorism, government blunder and Facebook nastiness strips away the urban dreamscape.

At what point do everyday people turn the corner and become warriors?

Co-written by a 28-year Green Beret and a lifelong survivalist, Black Autumn proves that common, everyday glitches in our system can add up to the total collapse of Western Civilization.

Jump on the five book action series today, starting with Black Autumn: a Post-apocalyptic Saga.

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