EDC CLP Lubricant - 0.25oz Bottle

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EDC CLP Lubricant - 0.25oz Bottle
EDC CLP Lubricant - 0.25oz Bottle

With over five years and 100,000 rounds fired in development, EDC CLP™ was tested in rifles, shotguns, and pistols under a variety of temperatures, environments, and functional stresses.

Specifically, and more importantly, in modern, gas-operated firearms that utilize the hot, carbon-filled gasses of a cartridge discharge to cycle the weapon system. 

This carbon and unburnt powder, along with microscopic brass and lead metal shavings scraped from the cartridge casing and projectile, creates an unavoidable by-product and functional impairment in a firearm's action.

EDC CLP's modern formulation not only kept the weapon systems lubricated under heavy use, but also prevented the permanent buildup and re-adherence of carbon and other fouling in the actions of the test firearms.

This product from ReadyMan is a great new style of lube for guns, knives, or anything that you need to be lubed up!

Product may have settled, simply shake vigorously for 60-90 seconds.
Not intended for use on humans.

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