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Event Security: Getting Ready for the Big Day

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Event Security: Getting Ready for the Big Day

Special events challenge your managerial skills. In a very short time you need to assess the mission, tour the facility, create a mission statement, determine the staffing needs and fill those needs, set the security plan, train everyone to the standard, and then supervise.

And, the security manager is expected to be the liaison between event management, security supervisors, and additional contractors. Event security is not for the faint of heart or the amateur. 

Providing professional security for a special event can be very exciting. The event is something new and there were be a lot of energy surrounding it. While pulling off such an operation is a professional challenge, it also can provide a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Any man or woman who can successfully manage the security for a major event will soon become a much sought after professional.

This book address critical topics required for a successful event from the security standpoint:

  • Creating a Mission Statement
  • Assessing the Security Plan
  • Considering Staffing Needs
  • Staff Training Requirements
  • Departmental Liaison
  • Facility Tour and Inspection
  • Much More

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