Examining the Armed Citizen Book

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Examining the Armed Citizen Book
Examining the Armed Citizen Book

What makes a person an armed citizen? Where does the right to bear arms originate or is it even a right at all? Are the police legally required to protect citizens from criminals and terrorists? Did the Nazis really ban guns in Germany? Are countries with strict gun control laws more safe from crime and terrorism than those who allow their people to carry firearms?

All of those questions and many more are considered in “Examining the Armed Citizen” by Paul G. Markel. The author examines, not simply the modern gun control movement but, the history of arms control worldwide. Both within and without the borders of the United States of America, the book takes a close looks at laws and restrictions regarding the ownership of small arms by the people of a nation and the historical results of those action.

[Full Title] Examining the Armed Citizen: The Historic Struggle Between Man and the State for Control of Small Arms

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