Force Options: More Than Just a Gun Live Training Course

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Force Options: More Than Just a Gun Live Training Course
Force Options: Flashlights
Force Options: OC/Pepper Spray
Force Options: Pen/Force Multipliers
Force Options: TASER

The man seemed to be drunk and kept pestering the father of two for “a couple bucks”. What had started as a quick trip to store had now become a problem. The panhandler would not be ignored and became ever more insistent that the shopper give him some money.

Though he was armed with his concealed carry pistol, the defender didn’t feel he could legally draw it. The man also realized that if he got into a hand to hand, physical confrontation the drunk might grab the holstered pistol or he might lose it.

Not every problem you encounter can be legally and morally solved with a firearm. If you are armed with a gun, you need to have options. If your only options are empty hands or a firearm, you are putting yourself in a risky situation.

Force Options is a 1-Day course that details and explains the numerous options available to the prepared citizen for dealing with a less-than-lethal encounters. The Pros and Cons of some of the most popular self-defense tools will be addressed and the best way to employ them will be demonstrated and practiced.

Topics Include:

  • Use of Force and the Law: Understanding the legal difference between Deadly Force and Less-than-Lethal Force encounters. What is are your rights and responsibilities?
  • Pepper Spray: Fact vs. Fantasy; What is it? How and Why does it work? Choosing a Quality Product for Self-Defense.
  • Stun Gun vs. Taser: Are electronic subject control devices a good choice for armed citizens? Are they all the same?  
  • Impact Tools: Mini-batons, “Tactical” Pens, and Flashlights.  Students will be taught and practice effective use of a handheld impact device as a use of force option.

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