Hiram's Hazelnut

Hiram's Hazelnut

  • $ 1449

Hiram Percy Maxim patented the firearm "Maxim Silencer" in 1908.  Today, we know his invention as the "silencer," or "suppressor."  Interestingly enough, Maxim used the same design to create another iconic American invention also still in widespread use today.  Can you guess it??

...If you said, "the automobile muffler," you'd be correct!  The baffles in the engine muffler work the same way as the silencer's to help dissipate gasses and reduce the noise. 

We don't know if Maxim actually liked Hazelnut or not, but the alliteration worked and the muffler story is pretty cool.  So there ya go.  You're welcome :)  

Available in:

  • whole beans or ground
  • decaf or caffeinated 
Size: 11oz

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