Knights of St. Nicholas: Protector of Children

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Knights of St. Nicholas: Protector of Children
Knights of St. Nicholas: Protector of Children

The Knights of St. Nicholas, Protector of the Children: A Comprehensive Guide for Defending Christian Schools

“Saint Nicholas is protector of little children and youths first of all from evil—the evil of adults, who are responsible for their own evil plans. He is the protector of all from the evil one, who works through us weak humans.”

Christian Schools and Christian Churches have become the direct and deliberate targets of minions of Satan. We are witnessing this every day. To deny or ignore this will not keep our children safe.

Paul G. Markel is a Certified Protection Specialist and has been a Professional Bodyguard in the United States and overseas. Mr. Markel wrote this manual to address not only the problem, but to provide true solutions that can be implemented immediately to protect our children from evil.

“Knights of St. Nicholas: Protector of Children” is a comprehensive manual for developing and implementing a team of volunteers to provide security for and protect Christian Schools.

While this is a topic we all wish we did not have to consider, ignoring the threat will not make it go away. The time to prepare is now.

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