Life Saver Bundle

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Life Saver Bundle
Life Saver Bundle
Life Saver Bundle
Life Saver Bundle
Life Saver Bundle
Life Saver Bundle

The Life Saver Bundle! The greatest bundle of medical kits that we have ever done-did offer! Right now you can get a LMIT Kit, Original Kit, Enhanced Kit, and COMBAT Kit, AND a Blowout Bag, in this one bundle wrapped up at a steep, steep discount.

One for your wife, one for your car, one for your pocket, and then stick one in the Blowout Bag and attach it to your Hiking/Bug-Out Bag. This is almost all of your traumatic medical needs summed up in one bundle! We can't make it any easier on you than this.

[L.M.I.T. Kit] While a full-sized PLS is obviously the best thing to have on you at all times, sometimes you don't need a Tourniquet and a Nose Hose! Sometimes, you just need to patch up a cut, and you may not wanna tear open your big, fancy PLS just because Billy caught his hand on the tip of a nail that was sticking out of the fence.

L.M.I.T. stands for "Laceration & Minor Injury Treatment". So for when you've got a boo-boo that's too big for a bandaid, but too small for a tourniquet and a giant roll of gauze.

[The Original EDC Medkit] During a life-threatening medical emergency, you will want to do something to help. Will you have the Ability and the Gear to effectively aid the injured person? Keep in mind, the injured person could be someone you love.

Buying gear doesn’t give you skill, if you have the skill you can make use of the gear. Gear is only part of the equation, you need to get training as well.

[Enhanced Edition EDC Medkit] The Enhanced Pocket Life Saver kit is now available by popular demand, with even more potentially life-saving tools bundled in for an even higher level of effectiveness in a traumatic medical scenario.

[COMBAT Life Saver Medkit] The Biggest and Most Tactical of all the PLS kits. This one is fit for the direst of situations. You have the training, now get the gear that you can actually carry with you so it will be there when you need it.

The COMBAT Life Saver is the biggest, heftiest, easily portable kit that SOTG produces. While it may not fit in most pockets, it can easily fit in any rucksack, backpack, or in your glove compartment.

[Blowout Bag] Do you wanna carry your PLS Kits on your belt, or attached to a backpack? Well, I have great news for you!

  • Easy pull open zippers for speed and ease of use.
  • Heavy-duty 1,000 weight Nylon Pouch
  • MOLLE Attachment Loops
  • Multiple Interior Pockets in High-Vis Orange
  • 8.5"[L] x 3.5"[H] x 5.5"[W]
  • Will fit ALL Life Saver Kits (even the COMBAT Kit)

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