Martial Application Bundle

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Martial Application Bundle

The "Martial Application of the -" series has been a smash-hit in the community, and now is your opportunity to get the full trilogy for one awesome price!

[Book 1: Pistol] The Martial Application of the Pistol is a book based upon over three decades of the author’s training and experience carrying a handgun both in uniform and concealed.

[Book 2: Shotgun] The 12 gauge shotgun is and has been a powerful fighting tool for centuries. The shotgun is also extremely versatile. This versatility has led to mythology and misunderstanding about how to employ the shotgun in a martial or fighting fashion.

[Book 3: Rifle] Like the shotgun, the fighting rifle is meant to be used as a power tool, not necessarily a distance weapon. In the hands of a righteous defender, the fighting rifle becomes the great equalizer that allows even a lone defender of small stature to protect themselves against multiple, vicious attackers.

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