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Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide [Pre-Order]

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Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide [Pre-Order]
Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide [Pre-Order]
Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide [Pre-Order]

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The Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide is a follow up to the original PFT Manual. The Equipment Guide gives specific and detailed recommendations and guidelines for preparing and equipping a team of like-minded individuals to deal with natural and manmade disasters.

Think of the Patriot Fire Team as a Neighborhood Watch program only instead of whistles and flashlights, this neighborhood watch team has rifles and body armor.

Whistles and flashlights are not going to stop gangs of criminals from looting and burning your neighborhood to the ground.

The PFT Equipment Guide contains information about recommended rifles and pistols, but it includes much more than that.

Topics Include:

    In a world where the State has proven time and time again that it cannot, and far too often is unwilling to, protect citizens and communities from mob violence, looting, and vicious criminal attacks, the Patriot Fire Team model is more important now than at any time in our nation’s history.

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    You can also get the Patriot Fire Team Manual bundled along with it for a discount!

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