Patriot Fire Team Training Camp

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Patriot Fire Team Training Camp

We invite you to join us for the Patriot Fire Team Training Camp weekend held in beautiful Vernal, Utah.

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Course subjects will include: 

  • Land Navigation (Map and Compass Reading)
  • Team Tactics and Patrolling 
  • Fieldcraft and Outdoor Survival
  • Communication and Signalling
  • Night Operations
  • Leadership Traits and Principles
  • Live-Fire Rifle and Handgun training
  • and much more!

The Training Camp  is a FULL Immersion training experience. We will function as teams from the beginning to the end and this is a fantastic way to build camaraderie with your fellow patriots.

The training course will take place over a period of 3 days (Friday to Sunday) All students should plan to arrive by no later than 5 pm Friday. Students will be dismissed at approximately 5 pm Sunday.

This is a primitive outdoor camping experience (no electric or running water) pack accordingly. Two-man sized tents will work well on the terrain here.

All training material and targets will be provided with the cost of tuition!

And thanks to our pals at ReadyMan, now every student will go home with a pair of Survival Dog Tags!

Required Gear List
  • Shelter (Whatever keeps the rain off and the bugs out)

    • Two-Man Tents are ideal for terrain.

  • Knife - General Purpose

  • Backpack - Capable of holding 3 days worth of gear

  • Poncho - Rugged, Mil-Spec (not disposable crap)

  • Poncho Liner or Sleeping bag (temps can drop into 40’s even in the summer)

  • Sleeping Mat (not required but recommended)

  • Canteen / Water Pouch (Bring enough water for 3 days of drinking and cooking)

  • Quality Boots

  • 2nd Pair of Footwear Besides Boots

  • Clothing - Loose Fitting, Rugged

  • Socks - Cushioned, Wool or Wool-Blend Recommended

  • Hat - Baseball Cap or Boonies style

  • T-shirts - Multiple

  • Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Hand Lotion (we are in a dry climate at elevation)

  • ThermaCell / Bug Spray (we do get mosquitos and ticks in the summer)

  • Compass - (Not Mandatory but nice to have)

  • Food and Water (It’s up to you, but plan for 6 meals)

  • Rifle, Sling, 3 Mags, Pouches, 100 rounds (minimum)

  • Pistol, 2 Mags, Rigid/Secure holster, 50 rounds (minimum)

  • EYE Protection (Clear for lowlight)

  • EAR Protection (Electronic Muff are Best)

Nice to Have Gear List

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