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Patriot Fire Team Training Camp

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Patriot Fire Team Training Camp

We invite you to join us for the Patriot Fire Team Training Camp  weekend held in beautiful Wyoming.

Course subjects will include: 

  • Land Navigation (Map and Compass Reading)
  • Team Tactics and Patrolling 
  • Fieldcraft and Outdoor Survival
  • Communication and Signalling
  • Night Operations
  • Leadership Traits and Principles
  • Live-Fire Rifle and Handgun training. 
  • And much more. 

The Training Camp  is a FULL Immersion training experience. We will function as teams from the beginning to the end and this is a fantastic way to build camaraderie with your fellow patriots.

The training course will take place over a period of 3 days (Friday to Sunday) All students should plan to arrive by no later than 5 pm Friday. Students will be dismissed at approximately 5 pm Sunday.

This is a primitive outdoor camping experience (no electric or running water) pack accordingly. Two-man sized tents will work well on the terrain here. There will be room for truck campers or small/medium sized RV’s. If you plan to bring one of these please let us know. To reach the campsite, you must drive approximately 3 miles on unpaved dirt road (Low Rider vehicles are not recommended).

All training material and targets will be provided with the cost of tuition!

Gear List
  • Shelter (Whatever keeps the rain off and the bugs out)
    *Two-Man Tents are ideal for terrain. There is room from Truck Campers and Small to Medium RVs. (If you plan to bring a Camper or RV please let us know)

  • Knife - General Purpose
    We recommend The Bobcat Knife + Knife Taco™ if they are still available 

  • Backpack - Capable of holding 3 days worth of gear

  • Poncho - Rugged, Mil-Spec(not disposable crap)

  • Poncho Liner or Sleeping bag (temps can drop into 40’s even in the summer)

  • Sleeping Mat (not required but recommended)

  • Canteen / Water Pouch

  • Quality Boots

  • 2nd Pair of Footwear Besides Boots

  • Clothing - Loose Fitting, Rugged

  • Socks - Cushioned, Wool or Wool-Blend Recommended

  • Hat - Baseball Cap or Boonies style

  • T-shirts - Multiple

  • Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Hand Lotion (we are in a dry climate at elevation)

  • ThermaCell / Bug Spray (we do get mosquitos and ticks in the summer)

  • Compass - (Not Mandatory but nice to have)

  • Food and Water (It’s up to you, but plan for 6 meals)

  • Rifle, 3 Mags, Pouches, 100 rounds (minimum)

  • Pistol, 2 Mags, Rigid/Secure holster, 50 rounds  (minimum)

  • EYE Protection (Clear for lowlight)

  • EAR Protection (Electronic Muff are Best)

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