Pocket Life Saver - Compact Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit

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The Pocket Life Saver - Compact Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit is:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight

This Compact Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit fits easily into your pocket so it can be carried on you at ALL TIMES...

... Not just when you think you might need it.

This kit was designed after the Ozark Rescue Mission of our friend John Bates.

This is a MINIMALIST KIT that contains essentials to keep you alive while the rescue party is searching


you are making your way out to safety.

To keep the kit compact and light, we deliberately left out a few items from the Pocket Life Saver - Wilderness Trauma/Survival kit.

Contents Included in this kit:

Survival Gear:


 Use For

1- Mylar “space” blanket

Hypothermia / Signaling

1- Orange Razor knife

 Cutting/Fire Starting

1- Fire Stick

 Creates sparks for Fire

1- Mini-Compass


1- 5 ft Orange Paracord

 Gear Repairs, Shelter, etc.

1- SWAT Fuel 9mm+P packet (2 caps)

 Mental/Physical Energy for Crisis

4- Iodine Water Purifications Tabs (Directions Included)


Trauma Care:


Use For

1- TK4 Tourniquet
Major Bleeding
2- 18D Combat Blood Soakers
Minor Bleeding / Fire Tinder
1- 3ft Mini-Roll of Duct Tape
Wound Care / Chest Seal
1- Pair Non-Latex Gloves
Caregiver Protection

*Plastic packaging combined with tape can be used to seal chest cavity

**Use package/bag as water reservoir

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