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High Elevation Precision Rifle - SOTGU Residency Training

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High Elevation Precision Rifle - SOTGU Residency Training
Precision Rifle - The Spirit of the Rifleman - Paul G. Markel
Precision Rifle - The Spirit of the Rifleman - Student of the Gun Magazine
Precision Rifle - The Spirit of the Rifleman - Jarrad T. Markel
Precision Rifle - The Spirit of the Rifleman - Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle


America is a nation founded by riflemen. Precision Rifle is designed to rekindle the Spirit of the Rifleman and to provide the instruction and training necessary to enable to student to realize their full potential with a rifle.

Class Information

  • Location: Encampment, Wyoming. Specifics will be sent to you when you reserve your seat.

  • Lodging Includes: Friday and Saturday Night. The mountain lodge is reserved for students only. If you'd like to bring your family and they won't be participating in class, we recommend booking a room at The Copper Line Lodge by calling Dan Pont at 402-885-5611. If you're coming in early or staying a day or two later, call Dan a reserve a room at The Copper Line Lodge.

  • Meals Include:
      Friday: Dinner
        Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
        Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

Precision Rifle Will Teach You:

  • Core Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship

  • Running the Gun: Manipulating the rifle from any position to get back on target.

  • Mastering 4 Foundational shooting positions. There are no shooting benches in the real world.

  • Calling the Shot: Intimate familiarity with the rifle, ammunition, optic, and the shooter’s capability.

  • Consistency: How can we become a shooting machine?

  • Learning the Wind: Understanding the effects of wind on long distance shooting.

Student Requirements:

  • Open mind, Pen for note taking

  • Any centerfire rifle in good working order. (* We do not allow .50 BMG on our steel targets).

  • Magnified Optic (shooter’s choice) - External elevation and windage adjustment knobs are required

  • Sling: thick nylon or leather

  • 300 rounds of ammunition (one bullet weight/style, please do not mix ammunition).

  • Range mat (foam sleeping mat from camping store will work just fine)

  • Ear Protection (Muffs and plugs), Safety Glasses, Ball cap/hat

  • Water bottle / Sunscreen / Lip balm (7000 ft will dry out your skin)

  • Loose-fitting/Comfortable Clothing

  • Knee pads and elbow pads are not required but suggested

  • Quality boots/footwear (bring 2 pair)

  • Foul Weather Gear for Cold and Rain (we train rain or shine): Rain suit or poncho, fleece layers, gloves, wool or fleece hat.

  • Range bag or Pack to carry gear to rifle range.

  • Silencers / Suppressors are welcome in Wyoming and make for a better training environment.

  • Small / Medium-sized binoculars/field glasses are recommended but not necessary. (*Leave the large/heavy spotting scopes at home. You will need to carry everything with you on the range)

Payment plans are available by emailing info@studentofthegun.com or texting 307-312-2057. By completing purchase you acknowledge that you've read the entire description and you understand that the 50% deposit is non-refundable, even when selecting the "Full Payment" option.

If you choose to pay a deposit or a payment plan, the remainder of your payment is due 7 days BEFORE class starts.

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