Rifleman 101 - Online Video Training

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Rifleman 101 - Online Video Training

Rifleman 101 is an in depth and detailed digital program that focuses on the core fundamentals of rifle marksmanship.

During the video training series, Paul Markel, a United States Marine Corps marksmanship coach and veteran Small Arms and Tactics Instructor, explains and demonstrates essential marksmanship principles, to include; 

  • Natural Point of Aim
  • Bone Support and Body Positioning
  • Breath Control
  • Trigger Manipulation
  • Sight Focus and Target Picture
  • 4 Standard shooting positions
  • Rifle Support
  • Follow Through 
  • ... and Much More

The rifle is the tool, you are the operating system. The best rifle in the world is only as useful as the person who is holding it. Take advantage of Paul’s thirty years plus of experience and knowledge.

This video training series offers valuable information and insight for both the novice and experienced shooters. Remember our motto: you are a beginner once, a student for life. 

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