SOTG Patch Pack

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SOTG Patch Pack

Our 3 awesome patches that we have available for you at 1 awesome discount. You're welcome, and Merry Early Christmas!

[Official SOTG Icon Patch] The SOTG Icon is one of the most recognizable, amazing, and sexy-looking logos in the history of the internet.

But now, you can take it out of the digital realm and into the real world with the brand new PVC Patch! Rough Velcro on the back. - Size: 3.15" Circumference

[Fighting Solves Everything Patch] The motto of Professor Paul's battle against El Cancer. We've got shirts, hats, gun tattoos, and now we have this awesome new patch.

This Velcro PVC patch is great for a hunting vest, helmet, service uniform, really whatever you want to slap it onto! It is also Glow-in-the-Dark! Now isn't that just peachy-keen and all kinds of neat? - Size: 3"(W)x1.5"(H)

["Vagina Enthusiast" Patch] "Being a Gun Enthusiast doesn't make you a Teacher. Hell, I'm a Vagina Enthusiast and I don't call myself a Gynecologist."
~Paul Markel

That is the quote from SOTG Radio that inspired this patch right here. Professor Paul was laying a the verbal smack-down on a poser who believed that being a Gun Enthusiast qualified him as a "Firearms Expert". - Size: 3"(W)x2"(H)

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