Team Honey Badger: Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World

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The Honey Badger is not the largest, strongest, or fastest animal in the world but, it has been given the title "World's Most Fearless Creature". We like to ascribe animal qualities to people; sly as a fox, wise as an owl, stubborn as a mule. 

We live in a world filled with cowards and cowardly behavior. The animal characteristic I desire for my child is for them to be as Fearless as the Honey Badger. 

TEAM HONEY BADGER was written to assist you in raising fearless kids in our cowardly world. 

Inside we will focus on Strengthening the Fearless Mind, Physical Readiness and Experience, Education Principles, maintaining Balance in Life, Equipping your little Honey Badger with the mental and physical skills needed to grow into a fearless, productive member of their community, and much more. 

If you have kids or grandkids, know someone who does or are involved in a youth development program, TEAM HONEY BADGER is must have reading.
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