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Blood Trail: A Pipe Hitters Novel

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Blood Trail: A Pipe Hitters Novel

Modern day America is in jeopardy. From the shadows, evil men have conspired and coordinated to flood the United States with millions of illegal invaders. Walking amongst them are thousands of military aged men who are not interested in the American dream, they are an American nightmare waiting to unleash sabotage, terrorism and murder on a naive and unsuspecting nation.

Realizing that their government has no interest in protecting them, two Texas combat veterans, Aaron Iversen and Tony Brooks, take it upon themselves to organize and train their neighbors to protect and defend their communities.

The principal question is this; will Brooks and Iversen have enough time to organize, train, and prepare the good guys before those who have sworn to destroy America can strike? Will their efforts be enough to protect their families and their neighbors from an enemy that has no mercy?

Blood Trail is the first in a series of Pipe Hitter Novels by Amazon Best-selling Author, Nicholas Orr. As he has so many times before, Mr. Orr will engage and entertain you and leave you wanting more.

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