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Patriot Fire Team Operation Guidebook

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Patriot Fire Team Operation Guidebook

The PFT Operation Guidebook is a compilation of the original Patriot Fire Team Manual, the PFT Equipment Guide, and the PFT Mission Planner. This is a thorough, extremely detailed, practical guidebook for those who have embraced the idea of resilience and desire to have a strong and well-prepared family and community.

Also, included is previously unpublished material in the foreword; Citizen Soldier Examined.

What have readers said about:

Patriot Fire Team Manual

This is an excellent book full of valuable information and is an easy read! Reading this book is time well spent! - Duane Piebald

PFT Equipment Guide

What a great book to break down gear you need and give people a realistic view of what your team may be missing. Just another great book from the Pimphand! - Carlos Ferreira

PFT Mission Planner

A very in-depth and thoughtfully presented how-to manual that expands on the Patriot Fire Team concept and ties it all together. This shows how to take the WHO, the WHY and the WHAT and have the right people with the right stuff in the right place at the right time. A highly informational “must-read“. - Ken, a verified reader

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