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Pipe Hitters Guide to Long Range Rifles & Sniping (Book 5)

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Pipe Hitters Guide to Long Range Rifles & Sniping (Book 5)

When it comes to long range rifle shooting or the art of sniping, it all boils down to the first shot or the “cold shot” as many refer to it.

The goal of a trained rifleman is to be able to put a single round on target regardless of the distance or the conditions. In the Marine Corps, they used to sum that up as “One Shot, One Kill”.

Many years ago, a mentor explained to me that “You cannot miss fast enough to catch up in a gunfight. While you are missing, the other guy might not be.”

Additionally, a separate mentor advised me that “You need to consider every shot you take in training to be a rehearsal for that one critical shot that you will take in combat.” These many years later, I cannot find fault in the logic that these men imparted to me.

Within the pages of this book we will consider:

  • Long Range Marksmanship
  • Foundational Marksmanship Principles
  • Rifle Choices
  • Optics
  • Silencers, Suppressors, and Cans
  • And Much More

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