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Pipe Hitters Guide to the Modern Minuteman (Book 6)

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Pipe Hitters Guide to the Modern Minuteman (Book 6)

The practical concept of the Citizen Soldier has a history that dates back well over 400 years. In the United States of America, the Minutemen were the elite members of the local militias and training bands.

The Minuteman was better trained and in better physical condition than the average militia member and he kept his guns and gear staged and ready to respond to a threat to his community at a moment’s notice.

During the book, Nicholas Orr will spend time considering the important history of both the citizen soldiers in the volunteer militias as well as the specifics needed to be a Modern Minuteman. Every citizen of the United States of America needs to read this book.

Topics Include:

  • The History of the Citizen Soldier
  • The Role of the Militia in National Defense
  • Lessons Learned from Recent History
  • Militias vs. Standing Armies
  • Training for the Modern Minuteman
  • Guns and Gear for the Modern Minuteman
  • And More!

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