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Pipe Hitters Guide to the Shotgun Militia (Book 7)

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Pipe Hitters Guide to the Shotgun Militia (Book 7)

In the book, A Pipe Hitter’s Guide to the Civilian Irregular Defense Corps, I wrote a chapter entitled, “The Shotgun Militia”. During the years since that particular book was published, we have received several inquiries regarding shotguns and their use in personal combat. Numerous readers have expressed the desire for more detailed information.

Well, I am nothing if not a people pleaser. During this text, we will take the original concept of the Shotgun Militia and expound upon it in much greater detail. While many dabblers and or “tactical influencers” might view the shotgun as an amateur’s tool, I can assure you, when taken seriously, the combat shotgun is a formidable tool and when wielded with an expert hand, it is a tool of professionals not amateurs.

Topics Include:

  • Choices of Fighting Shotguns
  • Choosing the Right Gauge for Fighting
  • Understanding Shotgun Ammunition
  • Training with the Fighting Shotgun
  • History of the Shotgun in the United States
  • And More!

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