The Bobcat Knife + The Knife Taco™ (collab with Nate the Blade Maker)

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The Bobcat Knife + The Knife Taco™ (collab with Nate the Blade Maker)
The Bobcat Knife + The Knife Taco™ (collab with Nate the Blade Maker)
The Bobcat Knife + The Knife Taco™ (collab with Nate the Blade Maker)

We are happy to present to you a collaboration with our friend, Forged in Fire winner, Nate the Blade Maker. Named after its wildlife counterpart, this sleek, nimble, versatile knife has many different uses.

To date we have used it for these things (in real life):

  • Meal prep at camp
  • Whittling sticks
  • Attaching The Bobcat to bamboo to make a spear
  • Cutting open bags of paver base and paver sand (like butter)
  • Cutting butter
  • Spreading butter and jam on toast
  • Prying a paint can open
  • Knife throwing

Made out of 80CRV2 steel and hand forged by Nate himself, The Bobcat Knife has the durability you need while out camping but also packs the versatility you need for prepping food, whittling, prying that paint can open, and MANY other uses.

Boasting 8.5 inches in overall length, there is plenty of blade to cut through any food you may be prepping. With a 5" long handle, you can easily use it to pry open the most difficult of paint cans. Or you can tie it to a stick and spear the paint can so the paint oozes out the side into the paint tray. That will be more fun anyway.

With a thick steel thumb shelf forged into the back of the blade, you can push as hard as you want while cutting those vegetables. Really get that frustration out while you are cutting that food with The Bobcat Knife and your thumb will not have to suffer.

Meat a little more frozen than you would like? No problem; Thumb Shelf!
Need to whittle a hardwood stick? No problem; Thumb Shelf!
Carrot? No problem; Thumb Shelf!

Oh! We cannot forget about The Knife Taco™. With a deliciously fabricated kydex sheath called The Knife Taco™, you can throw The Bobcat Knife into your pack without worrying about it stabbing you in the back. And not to worry, The Knife Taco™ comes with The Bobcat Knife at no extra charge! Much like Samurai swords, Nate hand-folded The Knife Taco™ around The Bobcat Knife so it'll fit your unique knife, perfectly.

You don't have to worry, though - this Bobcat will not attack your wife. You will not be forced to go from "I need to wash my car" to "I'm gonna shoot that f**ker" in 3 seconds or less. You're welcome.


  • Hand Forged
  • Blade Steel: 80CRV2
  • Overall Length: 8.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.5 inches
  • Handle Length: 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.5oz

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