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301 High Elevation Precision Rifle Residency Training

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Precision Rifle - The Spirit of the Rifleman - Paul G. Markel

Prerequisite: 201 High Elevation Precision Rifle

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We know 1,000+ yard ranges are rare.
That's why we invite you to this training class.
How often do you have the opportunity to truly test the capabilities of your favorite rifle?

Additionally, when is the last time you were able to truly test and evaluate your skill and ability with a rifle at distance?

For a good rifle, one or two hundred yard shots are just warming up.

What kind of long distance accuracy can you legitimately get from the combination of your rifle, ammo, optic, and your skills?

High Elevation Precision Rifle is a unique opportunity to push your rifle and your skills farther than you have ever been able to before. Most 1,000 plus yard ranges are either reserved for "members only" or are found on elite military ranges.

During this intense, 2-Day course you will have the opportunity to use your rifle in a way that only a small percentage of rifle owners ever will.

You will be challenged and come away with skills that you may never have thought possible.

You can now get Dates, Details & Sign Up for the class at


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